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At Arixa Capital, we value education a great deal. We like to learn from the best real estate investors; practice our craft over and over; and then document and teach what we know to others. To this end, we have created a number of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and white papers on topics related to our core business. We also produce a series of events each year and teach courses regularly at UCLA Extension and elsewhere. For information about past and upcoming events and classes,  go to the Events page.

Arixa Fund FAQs

Arixa Fund FAQs

White Papers

How the Urban Renaissance in Gateway Cities Creates Opportunities for Savvy Investors

September 2016. Written by Jan Brzeski

The best jobs are increasingly located in the largest city centers rather than in the suburbs. Young professionals are increasingly choosing to live in centrally located urban neighborhoods for a number of reasons: improved safety, access to parks and cultural institutions, and decreased reliance on cars and long freeway commutes in favor of public transit and walkability. As a result, the dense urban centers of California’s “gateway” cities — Los Angeles and San Francisco — are seeing a surge in property investment and redevelopment: not only large-scale developments, but also many smaller-scale projects. The developers of these smaller projects have limited access to bank financing, presenting an opportunity for nimble investors and fund managers who understand this business, and can provide the capital developers need, when they need it.

The Rise of a New Asset Class

2013. Written by Jan Brzeski and Greg Hebner

An educations resource for investors in single-family homes and private mortgages. FAQ's on Hard Money Lending, Single Family Investing, and Investing in Short-Term Real Estate Loans.

The Great Housing Workout

March 2012. Written by Jan Brzeski

This white paper aims to present key facts about the U.S. housing market today; to explain the main ways that investors can gain exposure to this asset class; and to highlight both the opportunities and the challenges associated with each strategy. The goal of the white paper is to provide a realistic snapshot of the market as of early 2012, and to assist interested investors in making decisions that fit with their capabilities. Above all, the author hopes to help investors to form realistic expectations about the market prior to making investment decisions.

Investing in Short-Term Real Estate Loans

July 2011. Written by Jan Brzeski

A high-yield strategy with a built-in margin of safety. FAQs on the Basics of Trust Deed Investing, How to Invest in Trust Deeds, What Can Go Wrong, Details of a Trust Deed Investment, and In the Event of a Default.

California First Trust Deeds

July 2010. Written by Jan Brzeski

This white paper is intended to educate and inform investors regarding investing in real estate loans secured by property in the State of California. This document is not a comprehensive discussion of all the issues involved, nor does it go into great depth on any one topic. It simply explains the concept and introduces the key issues to consider. Toward the end of the white paper, the authors provide references to other sources for those interested in learning more. The final section is a glossary of key terms. These terms are shown in bold italics the first time they appear in the white paper.

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