Why Did Goldman Sachs Just Buy a Los Angeles-Based Fix-and-Flip Lender?

Recently Goldman Sachs closed on its purchase of Genesis Capital, which lends money to developers who buy, renovate, and resell single family homes. This seemingly obscure corner of real estate finance has also attracted attention from KKR, which struck a deal with Toorak Capital, and Kuwaiti investment vehicle Wafra Capital, which partnered with Anchor Loans. Meanwhile, Blackstone is aiming to build the Finance of America brand as a lender to investors in single family homes as well.

While Goldman, KKR, Wafra, and Blackstone each have their own reasons for focusing on this niche, we believe they all recognize several attractive features of this type of investment program. Jan Brzeski, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer outlines some of those features in the article he contributed for the Mann Report.

People on the Move: Adam Candler

Arixa Capital welcomes Adam Candler as a Commercial Loan Officer. In his role, he will bolster Arixa’s growing platform to finance commercial real estate developers operating in California’s urban areas, focusing on unparalleled customer service and reinforcing the company’s reputation for white-glove loan servicing and intelligent private lending solutions.

Real Estate Fintech: What We Have Learned So Far, and a Few Predictions for the Future

Real estate crowdfunding came into existence after the Global Financial Crisis. Several high profile startups got started around 2010-2012, spurred in part by the JOBS Act which streamlined the process of raising capital from individual investors. As the Internet transformed one industry after another, the real estate investment space appeared stodgy and overdue for disruption. Jan Brzeski, managing director and chief investment officer at Arixa Capital outlines some lessons we have learned from the successes and failures in this space so far, and a few predictions for the future.

Non-Bank Lending: A New Asset Class That Should Be Part of Your Portfolio

Most wealth managers today advise investors to maintain a diverse portfolio of stock and bond funds. However, there is one glaring problem with this advice: neither type of investment generates much income. Jan Brzeski, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer at Arixa Capital writes how non-bank lending creates valuable opportunities as a complement to traditional investments.

Lender Limelight: Jan Brzeski

Jan Brzeski is the managing director and chief investment officer of Crosswind Financial and Arixa Capital Advisors. Brzeski has learned powerful lessons from life’s ups and downs, not only from his extensive background in investment and finance, but also as an entrepreneur who had to start over again after the internet stock market bubble burst in 2002. He shares those lessons with Private Lender and discusses the national trend toward—and his company’s focus on—urban redevelopment.

People on the Move: Dan Frankel

Arixa Capital welcomes Dan Frankel as Director of Investor Relations and Business Development. In this role, he will support a community of investors and developers operating within the small balance lending niche for urban residential renovation and construction projects. His focus will help Arixa expand its evergreen real estate lending funds and strengthen its capabilities to support its growing origination volume.

Are Cryptocurrencies a Scam and a Bubble or are they The Future?

Jan Brzeski, Managing Director and CIO of Arixa Capital contributes an article to REI Weath that covers the topic of cryptocurrencies. "We have reached a very interesting moment for those of us with a strong interest in finance and economics. In recent weeks, some of the leading minds in the investment and finance business have opined about Bitcoin and other cryptocurriences. Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase called Bitcoin “a fraud” and Howard Marks has referred to it as a “speculative bubble” or “pyramid
scheme”. He then revised his view, noting that it could be used legitimately as a medium of exchange, so long as enough people agree to accept it."

Top 15 Hard Money Loan Funds for 2017-2018 (And Honors)

Hard money loan funds have numerous advantages over most of the platforms, including more conservative LTV's, higher volume, instant diversification, better transparency, easier management and early liquidation. However, finding a good fund has been very difficult for many investors. Ian Ippolito, investor and serial entrepreneur has writen his top 15 hard money loan funds for 2017-2018.

Inglewood Looks Up

Commercial development is booming in Inglewood, and residential real estate is anticipated to follow. Developers, investors, politicians and commercial real estate brokers cite the incoming Los Angeles Stadium and Hollywood Park entertainment center, the new Metro Crenshaw rail line, and $14 billion invested in nearby Los Angeles International Airport as driving forces behind new apartment construction, raising apartment rents and increasing home prices. LABJ asked Greg Hebner, Managing Director at Arixa Capital what he thinks about the residential real estate in Inglewood. 

Should We Step Up Non-Bank Lending Regulation?

Since the financial crisis, there has been substantial growth in non-bank lending platforms, including fintech companies along with an increase in banking regulations. With the growth of non-banking lenders, Jan B. Brzeski, managing director and chief investment officer of Crosswind Capital and Arixa Capital, questions if the government should increase regulations of non-bank lending to “level the playing field.” GlobeSt.com sat down with Brzeski for an exclusive interview to talk about the regulation environment of bank and non-bank lending.