Arixa Presents a New Webinar Series for Independent-Minded Investors Curious About Alternative Income Strategies

It's no secret that we live in strange and challenging time for individual investors. With a sluggish global economy, central banks are competing over who can lower interest rates the most. The unfortunate result is inflated asset values, increased risk, and minimal income for investors seeking yield. In spite of these challenges, some investors are taking advantage of niche strategies that do generate meaningful income together with a margin of safety. Real estate bridge lending is one such strategy but there are many others.

In our new webinar series, we aim to explore the challenges for income-oriented investors today, as well as several of the niche strategies that may offer opportunity for those investors willing to do their homework. Because these strategies often focus on private rather than publicly traded investments, new and different skills may be required to participate, such as the ability to assess the skill, diligence and integrity of a private fund manager. To learn more about our new webinar series sponsored by CFA Society Los Angeles, entitled "Beyond Wall Street--Alternative Income Strategies for Accredited Investors", please check out the event flier or to register, please click here. The first webinar is Wednesday, September 14 at 11 a.m. Pacific Time.