Development Restrictions on Earthquake Fault Lines

The Los Angeles Times published an article showing new draft maps of earthquake faults in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and the Westside that raises the prospect of development restrictions in areas directly above the fissures. 

These fault maps by the California Geological Survey have been long-awaited and are part of the state's effort to locate fault lines so that new buildings are not constructed on top of them, and to improve seismic safety measures. The state's actions currently do not affect existing buildings, but structures on and close to these faults have a high risk of major damage. 

These concerns are drawn from the 1971 Sylmar earthquake that ripped apart many homes that sat directly on the San Fernando fault, resulting in 80% of homes suffering moderate to significant damage. 

Once the maps are finalized, state law will require anyone who is seeking to build on a fault zone will be required to hire a geologist to investigate the construction. Local building officials will have the final authority to ensure structures are built away from faults, taking extra precaution. 

To read the full article on The LA Times, click here. With recent construction on the Westside, how do you think these will affect current and future developments?



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