3 Minutes with Morgan Muldrew, Interior Illusions

Arixa Capital interviews Morgan Muldrew, Director of Staging at interior illusions. interior illusions’ primary aesthetic is derived from the mixing of proper stylistic ingredients and correct proportions in order to create a uniquely storied design flavor that offers hints of modern, contemporary, regency, rococo, and even organic.

For staging open houses, interior illusions help customers set the “stage” for their property. They understand how important it is to maximize the home’s final sales value by providing the best look at the best value. interior illusions staging sells quicker and for more money statistically versus non staged homes. 

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What does Interior Illusions do?

interior illusions started primarily as a company that sold furniture, they actually started up in Fresno and eventually made their way down to Los Angeles. From the retail side of the business, started doing full service interior design and that one day became home staging as well.

Who is your ideal client & how do you find them?

The client whose primary goal is to sell a home quickly and for the most amount of money. And what that often looks like is someone with a little bit less personal connection with the space who just wants to see look as great as possible. We get to come in and have fun and do our best work in that situation.

How have you seen staging affect a home’s listing and selling price?

Actually, very recently I saw a home be very affected by our staging. We were working down in San Diego, in Rancho Santa Fe, and this is an area where homes tend to really sit on the market. The homes in San Diego sit a little bit longer than LA, it’s just a different market. We came in, we brought a very fresh palette to a beautiful home, it’s very transitional, kind of had that little bit of traditional flare, little bit of contemporary. We brought in just a really nice clean palette of furniture, and they got an offer for both the home and all the furniture, it’s first day on the market. I think that’s everyone’s goal.

What’s your differentiator?

I would say what sets interior illusions apart is that we are also a retail company. For example, I have a $30,000 Italian sofa in my inventory, I have beautiful $10,000 dining tables because we were able to pull from our retail side. That gives us this edge of really unique, really expensive pieces that at the end of the day, just really add value to a property.

What are some of the best practices for how to stage a home?

For me, art and rugs are where people need to focus; and that being, art usually need to be a lot bigger than what people have in their own homes. I see a lot of smaller cluttered pieces often times. With art and rugs, go big or go home. Rugs are often the place where people end up maybe going a little too small, I see a lot of 5x7 rugs or things where they sit in the middle of the room and the furniture’s all around it. You know, make sure it’s bigger, make sure where all the furniture can sit on it, if nothing else, at least the front feet of the furniture. And lighten things up in color.

How can lenders help you do your job better?

Knowing how we add value, knowing how we more often than not, cut down that time frame of when a home is on the market. I would say connecting us with developers, connecting us with real estate agents to make sure they have someone doing the job of staging so that the house is selling for top dollar, that it’s selling as quickly as possible, and then everyone gets what they want.

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