ANNOUNCEMENT: Standard Capital is now Arixa Capital Advisors

Effective July 1, 2011, Standard Capital will begin using a new name for our company: Arixa Capital Advisors, LLC. Our physical address, phone and fax numbers will remain the same and only our name, website, and email addresses will change. Our existing fund, which has a profitable audited track record of investing in short-term real estate loans, is also changing its name to Arixa Fund I, LLC. Why We Are Changing Our Company Name The reason for the name change is to avoid potential confusion with out-of-state companies with similar names.

Why Arixa Capital Advisors The genesis of our new name has to do with my wife Nicole's recent public health work. Several weeks ago, while I was contemplating the name change, Nicole was in Namibia working on a public health project. I noticed the village of Arixa on the map of Namibia and I liked the name. When I determined that this name was available for my company to use, I decided to rebrand ourselves as Arixa Capital Advisors, LLC.