Arixa Management Wins New Investment Management Assignment

After more than three years of originating short term real estate loans through Arixa Fund I, LLC, Arixa Management has now been selected to oversee a real estate loan origination platform for a very high net worth family in Los Angeles. The new program allows Arixa to originate loans of $1-$4 million per funding, typically on groups of single family homes being renovated for resale, and also on luxury homes that will sell for $2-$5 million upon completion. This new fund utilizes lines of credit, in anticipation of repeat business with very active real estate renovation specialists. Arixa expects to deploy several million dollars per month, each month, from this new separate account. The geographic focus for this new fund is California, Arizona and Nevada. Please contact Mike Schoellhammer or Jan Brzeski with any loan request. They can be reached at 310-846-1771.