Arixa Capital 2018 Spring Newsletter

Arixa Capital 2018 Spring Newsletter

We’re pleased to announce the publication of our Spring 2018 Newsletter. Inside you’ll find our annual portfolio managers’ letter about what we’re seeing in the market and how we’re preparing for the next phase of the market cycle, as well as lots of other news about Arixa’s activities, publications and events.

New White Paper Available: The Great Housing Workout

The Great Housing Workout White Paper

Arixa Capital has released a new white paper focused on the U.S. housing market and single family homes as an asset class for investors to consider. The white paper is based on Arixa's concrete experience investing in this area in recent years, working with local operators who buy properties in a specific geographic area, renovate them, and either lease the homes or resell them.

The white paper explains various ways that investors can gain exposure to this asset class, which Warren Buffett recently endorsed as underpriced and attractive. The author explains the advantages and disadvantages of various investment strategies for both active and passive investors.

The white paper also explains that the activity of thousands of local operators is already helping to work through the backlog of foreclosed homes. Attracted by appealing profits, local operators will help the housing market to heal over the next several years. Policies that aim to solve the problem on a mass scale are neither needed nor advisable.

For a copy of our white paper, please click here.

Arixa Capital 2012 Spring Newsletter

First Quarter 2012 Newsletter
First Quarter 2012 Newsletter

This edition of Arixa's newsletter includes:

  • The growth of our investment programs and the launch of our second fund
  • Our annual panel discussion at UCLA in conjunction with the Ziman Center and the Anderson School
  • An update on Arixa's first assignment as a court-appointed receiver; and
  • Information on a new white paper by Jan Brzeski

Arixa Capital 2011 Winter Newsletter


Arixa's latest activities include:

  • The growth of our investment programs,
  • Upcoming events and Arixa's first assignment as a receiver for a shopping center in Phoenix; and
  • Information on our 2012 Real Estate Round Table Discussion

Arixa Capital 2011 Spring Newsletter

Our first newsletter of 2011 is now available.

Topics covered include selected recent investment originated by Standard Capital; our 6th Annual Round Table Discussion at the Anderson School; and Jan Brzeski's course on trust deed investing at UCLA Extension.


Arixa Capital 2010 Fall Newsletter

Topics covered include the 5th Annual Round Table Discussion at the Anderson School, Jan Brzeski's upcoming course on trust deed investing at UCLA Extension, and a summary of Arixa Capital's residential fund financial performance year-to-date. To learn more, please access our Fall 2010 Newsletter below.