Jan Brzeski and Greg Hebner to teach UCLA Extension Course - Building a Portfolio of Rental Homes: Opportunities and Challenges

Join Jan Brzeski and Greg Hebner on Saturday, August 31st at UCLA for a class on the opportunities and challenges of building a portfolio of rental homes. Home prices have fallen in many areas to the point where investors can once again generate attractive cash flow by purchasing homes, renovating them, and renting them out. This 1-day course analyzes the economics of such an investment program; explains how the most successful investors are sourcing acquisitions that make sense; and demonstrates how to evaluate the projected cash flow the way professional investors do, to avoid surprises and take advantage of the opportunities in today's residential market. The course is taught by Jan Brzeski, the portfolio manager of a real estate fund that is pursuing this strategy actively and has successfully invested more than $50 million in California residential properties since 2010. Guest lecturer Greg Hebner has purchased more than 170 properties in this same period. You can register for this class here