Jan Brzeski and Greg Hebner Quoted in the Los Angeles Times for Larry Ellison Real Estate Article

LA Times
LA Times

The Los Angeles Times contacted Jan Brzeski and Greg Hebner to comment on Oracle co-founder and CEO Larry Ellison's commercial and residential real estate acquisitions in Malibu, California.

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Ellison has been buying Malibu real estate for years including purchases of many of the homes along Malibu's coveted Carbon Beach, also known as "billionaires' beach." Mr. Brzeski was quoted saying that "[a] house on Carbon Beach…‘is worth what Larry Ellison thinks it is worth.'" Mr. Brzeski is the manager of a lending fund that lends to luxury home renovators, and has seen that buyers of real estate in high-end markets tend to be less price sensitive and are willing to pay a premium for a highly-desirable homes in great areas. Larry Ellison grew up wanting to be an architect, and he has a passion for houses – building, remodeling, designing and converting them. Mr. Hebner observed that Ellison is not the typical profit-chasing real estate investor, "‘[h]e makes these investments because he enjoys it.'"

Mr. Brzeski and Mr. Hebner are respected real estate professionals and are active in the real estate community, organizing and appearing on panels and teaching courses through UCLA Extension. Mr. Brzeski has 14 years of real estate investment and finance experience and has made over 170 real estate investments since March 2010 with all his completed investments profitable to date. Mr. Hebner has 15 years of residential real estate investment experience, including eight years of single family rental fund management.