Warren Buffet's Appearance on CNBC

Since Warren Buffet made an appearance on CNBC early this year extolling the virtues of investing in single family homes, a number of prominent news stories have appeared in the financial press chronicling the entrance of institutional investors into this difficult to access asset class. "Firms Flock to Foreclosure Auctions" By Robbie Whelen| The Wall Street Journal September 11, 2012.

"Private Equity Has Too Much Money to Spend on Homes" By John Gittelsohn | pub. Bloomberg News – Jun 13, 2012.

"Institutional investors are turning to residential foreclosures: Investing in single-family rental market in its infancy" By Arleen Jacobius | Pensions & Investments April 2, 2012.

"The Housing Bet Warren Buffett Wishes He Could Make" By Steve Shaefer pub. Forbes Markets 3/29/2012.

Warren Buffett Says, "Buy Real Estate Now!" see video from CNBC Squawk Box pub. February 27, 2012, at: "Buy Real Estate Now!" Youtube Video