We strive to mitigate risk through careful underwriting of each investment we make.


Arixa Capital is a real estate investment manager based in Los Angeles, California.     
Our objective is to deliver attractive, consistent returns by investing in underserved niches  within the residential real estate marketplace.


We understand your business as a developer and work hard to meet your requirements. Our borrowers benefit from our quick responsiveness, excellent service and simple, reasonable pricing. They generate higher returns on cash deployed in their real estate investments and have a large capital base with which to purse new projects. 

We treat your borrowers like cherished clients. Think of Arixa as your private banker, at your side to help you become even more successful on all of your single family redevelopment projects. 

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With 4 years of audited results and more than 275 investments completed, we have made money and generated current flash flow consistently for investors in each of our funds. Investors in our funds benefit from Arixa's consistent returns, deep knowledge of our market niche, transparency and strong reporting including audited financial statements.

We aim to offer the professionalism of an institutional real estate investment management firm together with the focus and nimbleness that allow Arixa to profit from niche strategies. 

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