Arixa Capital Supports Hope in a Suitcase


Each year Arixa Capital chooses one non-profit charitable organization to support. This year, we are supporting Hope in a Suitcase. LA County is home to about 35,000 foster youth. These are children who for one reason or another do not have a parent who is able to keep them safe. Unfortunately many foster youth have to move from one place to another frequently. The central concept of Hope in a Suitcase is to provide foster youth with an actual suitcase and personal care items to call their own so they don’t have to use a plastic trash bag to carry their belongings. HIAS also provides new clothing and (free of charge) “shopping days” at their new facility—which our donation is helping to fund. At the new "Emporium: Foster Resource & Literacy Center", current and former foster youth can get the new clothing they need to start a new chapter: 1st days with a new family or at a new school, job interviews or other important occasions.

Hope in a Suitcase is very well run with almost all management performed by capable volunteers, so that virtually every dollar donated benefits foster youth. Please check out to learn more about this outstanding organization. We are excited to be part of it and would encourage you to get involved also!