Top 15 Hard Money Loan Funds for 2017-2018 (And Honors)

Hard money loan funds have numerous advantages over most of the platforms, including more conservative LTV's, higher volume, instant diversification, better transparency, easier management and early liquidation. However, finding a good fund has been very difficult for many investors. Ian Ippolito, investor and serial entrepreneur has writen his top 15 hard money loan funds for 2017-2018.

Inglewood Looks Up

Commercial development is booming in Inglewood, and residential real estate is anticipated to follow. Developers, investors, politicians and commercial real estate brokers cite the incoming Los Angeles Stadium and Hollywood Park entertainment center, the new Metro Crenshaw rail line, and $14 billion invested in nearby Los Angeles International Airport as driving forces behind new apartment construction, raising apartment rents and increasing home prices. LABJ asked Greg Hebner, Managing Director at Arixa Capital what he thinks about the residential real estate in Inglewood. 

Should We Step Up Non-Bank Lending Regulation?

Since the financial crisis, there has been substantial growth in non-bank lending platforms, including fintech companies along with an increase in banking regulations. With the growth of non-banking lenders, Jan B. Brzeski, managing director and chief investment officer of Crosswind Capital and Arixa Capital, questions if the government should increase regulations of non-bank lending to “level the playing field.” sat down with Brzeski for an exclusive interview to talk about the regulation environment of bank and non-bank lending.

California's Greatest Real Estate Need

For those who invest in real estate in the Golden State, it makes sense to ask where the greatest need for investment lies. But the most pressing need is likely for additional housing close to jobs, which therefore represents the most interesting opportunity for investors. Jan Brzeski, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of Arixa Capital shares his insight to the growing opportunities in California.

Non-Bank Lending in an Era of Bank Deregulation

The decade since the financial crisis has been challenging for our nation overall, but it has been a fertile period for non-bank real estate lenders. The great majority of Americans were angered by what they saw as reckless and sometimes cynical behavior by both commercial and investment banks who profited immensely from lax lending practices, and then needed taxpayer bailouts to avoid bankruptcy. As a result, Congress passed new rules, mostly generated from the Dodd-Frank Act, that greatly restricted bank lending to real estate investors and developers of any kind.

Multifamily Lenders Look To The Coast

Multifamily lenders are looking to coastal infill markets for multifamily opportunities. Arixa Capital is finding the best opportunities in major coastal California markets, including Los Angeles, where it has more than half of its projects, as well as Orange County and the Bay area. These markets have strong access to job centers, which is one of the firm’s key investment characteristics.

Why Some Lenders Are Still Bullish On Multifamily Builds

In the last year, banks have tightened construction loans because of fears about overbuilding. Not all lenders, however, are following suit. Arixa Capital is only lending on residential construction projects. To find out more about why the firm is so bullish on multifamily construction and what types of properties that they are focused on, sat down with Arixa Capital's Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer Jan Brzeski for an exclusive interview.

Close the Deal With a Little Help

Small-balance bridge lending in the commercial real estate market exists in a sort of parallel universe to the world of large institutional real estate finance. "Small-balance" is generally defined as a loan under $10 million -- with the cutoff often going as low as $5 million or less. Such loans are the bread and butter of many regional and local lenders, including hard money lenders. These smaller lenders may be like little fish compared to their much larger financing cousins, but they can play a pivotal role in providing a short-term financing bridge to getting the deal done.

Most Influential Lenders in L.A. County

Growing your business fiscally and physically can be one of the most challenging things for a business owner to go through. The Los Angeles Business Journal covers how banking relationships and drawing investors might be the key as a small business owner. Jan Brzeski, Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer of Arixa Capital was mentioned in the article as one of the most influential lenders financing the opportunities in redeveloping and rebuilding the World War II-era style homes across California.