Ross Waller is a retired investment professional who now volunteers his expertise in endeavors large and small.  After graduating cum laude from Dartmouth College in 1989 with a degree in English, his professional career began as a research analyst at the fledgling (fewer than 20 employees) Bridgewater Associates, Inc. in 1989.  In that role he helped develop investing strategies, execute trades, and service clients.  He also was the author of the morning edition of the Bridgewater Daily Observations.  He was promoted to be the Director of Trading in 1993, where he oversaw the trade execution for all accounts as well as the tailored strategy implementation for individual accounts.  He became an expert in the mechanics of trading futures, forwards, physical bonds of all types, and OTC instruments as he managed the massive change in market presence brought on by the growth of the business.  He led the development of sophisticated trade execution strategies based upon rigorous data analysis of actual trade execution.  He was also responsible for adherence to industry regulations and worked closely with the legal/back office department to ensure efficient compliance.  As Bridgewater was nearing the top spot in the hedge fund world in 2004 (over $100 bln in AUM and nearly 300 employees), he retired from his position and moved his family to Lexington, VA.  Since moving to Lexington, Bridgewater enlisted his help with consulting projects in 2007 and in 2012.  

Starting in 2010 he began providing expert analysis and advice on complex financial instruments to an SEC enforcement team.  The highlight of this work was his work on a currency index linked note (UBS V10) that misled investors and resulted in sanctions and fines for the bank.  His visibility in that role led to a move to the DOJ in 2014 to help with complex prosecutions related to foreign exchange trading.  Most notably he provided data analysis and expert courtroom testimony in United States vs Mark Johnson, which resulted in the first conviction of an individual in the global crackdown on currency rigging.  He remains active with the DOJ as they develop and prosecute new cases.

At home, he has served as the president of two non-profit boards (one focused on outdoor education, the other a foundation responsible for the endowment of the local library system).  He has lent financial support and advice to small businesses in Lexington and helped start an informal group to help connect local entrepreneurs to expertise and funding.  He also helped found a travel soccer club that is beginning its 12th year this fall, and coached the Rockbridge County High School soccer team from 2013-2017.   He is currently serving as an assistant coach for the men's soccer team at Southern Virginia University.