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Arixa Capital aims to generate profits for our investors consistently, year after year. Arixa Capital is one of California's leading private lenders and is celebrating 11 years of providing bridge and construction loans to our clients.  

We were established to invest in niche asset classes and private markets such as short-term real estate loans. We strive to minimize risk, preserve principal, and generate strong returns and current cash flow to our investors.  Arixa Capital specializes in private lending secured by real estate, and we have built a full-service lending and loan servicing platform to ensure a steady flow of investments for our funds. In our lending business, we provide outstanding customer service to our borrowers — primarily, private real estate developers focused on
commercial and single-family projects in California.  

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  • Consistent returns on each of our funds
  • Deep knowledge of our market niche
  • Investment transparency
  • Strong reporting with audited financial statements


  • Private banking level services with quick responsiveness
  • Competitive pricing and terms
  • Experts in our borrower's market niche
  • Lending transparency

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