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iGlobal Forum's 3rd Real Estate Crowdfunding Summit

Jan Brzeski, Arixa Capital's Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, will be a panelist at iGlobal Forum's 3rd Real Estate Crowdfunding Summit in New York on October 14, 2015.  Join Jan in New York and discover how to capitalize on the different flavors of crowdfunding, and how to participate in the hypergrowth of this industry whether you’re a developer/syndicator, owner/operator, investor or intermediary.

Register for the summit on iGlobal Forum's website linked here.

About the Conference:

Crowdfunding provides real estate developers and syndicators with a new way to raise capital, and offers investors a new way to access this asset class beyond private equity and REITs. Hear how to navigate the regulatory environment in an asset class that is constantly evolving, and understand the best way to use these changes to your benefit. With the new regulations Reg A+ and Title III just starting to affect the investor base in approving unaccredited investors in the real estate market, the industry is in for a huge overhaul. 


  • Learn the step-by-step process of crowdfunding a ground-up development or acquisition on both sides of the market
  • Learn how to implement the strategies investors, developers, broker-dealers and RIA’s who have found success in the industry have been using for yourself
  • Opportunities to invest in specific properties vs. a blind pool portfolio over which you have virtually no control 
  • Questions to ask when choosing the right platform for you: debt v. equity, the individual vetting process, how your privacy is managed, and if there’s skin in the game
  • Learn how to build your own online crowdfunding portal using a white label solution
  • Status of Reg A+, Title III unaccredited crowdfunding, compliance requirements, and other developments on the legal & regulatory front
  • Facilitated One-on-One Networking, Gala Reception, and other opportunities to meet with the players and personalities shaping this industry