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Greg Hebner Spoke at IMN's 6th Annual Single Family Rental Investment Forum (East)

Greg Hebner, Managing Director at Arixa Capital spoke at this year's IMN Annual Single Family Rental Investment Forum in Miami, FL on Tuesday, May 22nd. Greg Hebner, along with other real estate experts discussed topics dealing with Fix & Flip Financing-Borrower Perspective. The following questions and topics were discussed:

  • Tell us about the last home you financed
  • After you rehabbed you decided to keep the unit-How did you finance it?
  • What types of creative financing have you been using? What kind of restrictions did they come with?
  • Do you provide seller financing?
  • Experiences using crowdfunding
  • When is using hard money necessary?
  • Home equity versus traditional lines of credit
  • And when you need financing fast

Greg Hebner was joined by Daryl Harrington, President & CEO at Flip Investment Group; Eric Delgado, Director at MCM Capital; and Christopher Crippen, VP at Vie Management. The panel was moderated by Jeffery Tesch, Managing Director at RCN Capital.

 To view the full agenda on the three day conference, click here