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UCLA Extension Seminar – Single Family Homes as an Investment: Opportunities and Challenges

Arixa Capital's managing directors, Jan Brzeski and Greg Hebner co-lectured a one day seminar at UCLA titled “Single Family Homes as an Investment: Opportunities & Challenges.”

This course explored the universe of strategies for investing in single family homes. Using the models of buy-renovate-resell; lending to operators who buy-renovate-resell; and buying, renovating and renting to create a portfolio of cash flowing properties, attendees learned how these investments could become successful. Additionally, Jan and Greg explained how single family housing continues to present some of the best investment opportunities in the real estate asset class, and discussed the many challenges and pitfalls that investors should consider before making an investment. Case studies were used to explain representative returns available to investors from each of the strategies covered, with a heavy emphasis on risks and how to mitigate them.